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But I Already Have Life Insurance

AKA... leave me alone creepy life insurance agent.

You may not hear it all the time. But I do.

And as good as my intentions are when I say, "When is the last time you reviewed it?" the person I'm talking to ducks and dodges, squirms even.

"I have life insurance. Thank you."

Somehow, we've come to believe that life insurance is a static, fixed object and once you've handled it, you're done. WRONG. Some of this belief is myth, some avoidance behavior. Honestly, more of the latter. Who wants to talk about death and provide "samples." Did someone say needles? Ick.

But here's the deal... products change; you change; your life changes. What worked for you last year may not be working for you this year. And if you don't take a look at it, you'll never know. Don't Ask Don't Tell was repealed last year, so let's not hang on to it when it comes to life insurance.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should take a look at whatcha got:

  1. You may have too much and reducing the amount you have can save you money.
  2. You may have too little and you’re putting those who count on you at risk.
  3. You might be able to get the same amount for less because products have gotten cheaper since you last purchased.
  4. You might be able to get more for the same amount if that’s what you need.
  5. If you were rated for a health concern that’s gotten better you can get your current coverage re-rated or move to a new policy…both options will save you money.
  6. A former skydiver, bungee jumper, or the like? If you haven’t done it in a while your rates might be cheaper.
  7. Been procreating like a fiend? Might need to adjust your coverage.
  8. Cash value sitting in an existing policy? You can transfer it tax free to a new policy that might be cheaper or better coverage.
  9. Your need for life insurance may have expired before you did and you can dump it.
  10. You might just have the perfect coverage and you can move on like a happy little bee.

Our suggestion? Review it annually (no matter what’s going on in your life) with your insurance advisor or an independent broker who can compare your coverage to all the carriers available and give you an unbiased review.

Want to check rates your self? Head on over to [The Insurist]( and pull some quotes. Best part is it's free and you won't have some annoying life insurance guy breathing down your neck (unless you're into that sort of thing of course).

Last but not least, you can always call us. We’ll try not to be too creepy.

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