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Before You Get Insurance, You Need a Car. Enter CarWoo!

Traditional car buying pretty much sucks. Buyers spend hours going between dealerships to negotiate for the best deal, and dealers feel like they have to stretch the truth to nab the customer. If they don’t, another dealer will, and he’ll win the deal instead.

With [CarWoo!](, buyers (that’s you!) pay a fee ($49 or $99) to enter the marketplace. Buyers remain anonymous on CarWoo! (none of their personal info is visible to the dealer, not even their last name), but dealers know that buyers are serious because they paid CarWoo! (the “paying” part also helps us keep the lights on…).

Once a buyer signs up and picks out the car he/she is looking for, dealers in the area receive an email asking them to give an offer on the car if they have it in stock (or if they can acquire it via a trade with another dealer). Dealers typically respond within 1 – 3 days. When they get an offer, buyers can negotiate with the dealer or ask questions through CarWoo!. Buyers can even call the dealer through CarWoo!, and their phone number will be remain anonymous.

Once a buyer has decided on an offer, they accept it on CarWoo! CarWoo! will then forward the dealer your info, so they can have all the papers ready when you get there.

Buyers love CarWoo! because we help them save time and money when buying a new car (it’s even more so when you think about the fact that time is money – I just blew your mind.) Dealers love CarWoo! because we bring them qualified buyers without asking for a fee or a cut of the profits.

CarWoo! is the evolution of car buying. If you’re looking for a new car, check us out at [](, or [](, if you’re still doing research.

You use the internet to buy movies. You use the internet to buy shoes. You use the internet to search for a spouse (well, maybe not you, specifically, but I’ll bet a friend of yours has…), and you’re currently using the internet to shop for car insurance with CoverHound. Why not car buying?

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