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Alysha's Car Cravings and Insurance Realities (Week 7)

It's Week 7 of Alysha's car cravings and insurance realities! So far I've checked out the Audi R8, the Shelby "Super Snake", the Porsche 911, the Lamborghini Gallardo, the Aston Martin Vantage, and the Maserati GranTurismo (in video form!). What super car won this weeks hot spot?

It's the Ford F-150 4x2 XLT 2 door! This big boy can pack a punch. You may be wondering why I chose a truck. Well, first of all I'm a midwestern girl, and all midwestern girls love a nice big truck! Also, it's great to have when I head up to Livermore (about a forty minute drive from my place in San Francisco) for the day to go play around on the 'ole dirt bike! What this bad boy lacks in flash and speed, it makes up for in sheer size and towing awesomeness! Really, who can say no to a truck like this? Plus, Ford is America. Win-win. How much does this guy cost? Oh, just around $27,000! On the low side for a dream car, right? Completely doable (maybe).

So what's the cost of insuring the big Ford F-150 XLT? Let's consult the CoverHound platform and find out!

Ford F-150 Insurance

Wow, only $138 per month for my favorite superior coverage! This truck is looking more and more appealing, right? And with the money I save on the dream car I can use to buy a new dirt bike! Say, the 2012 Yamaha YZ 85? It's around $4,000. It'll fit nicely in my truck bed as well!

Yamaha cycle

Of course, I'll want to insure this toy too. How best to do I do that? Even though dirt bikes aren't street legal, most carriers let them fall under motorcycle insurance.

Some insurance companies offer a variety of options within motorcycle insurance such as customized motorcycle insurance, street sport, off-road vehicle, and motocross/dirt bike insurance. Make sure to check with your provider to see what they offer. It's always a good idea to insure your toys!

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