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Alysha's Car Cravings and Insurance Realities (Week 2)

This is the second weekly post of my new experiment of not just researching my dreams car and their prices, but also looking at how much they will cost to insure. Last week, week one, was the Audi R8 and you can [see it here] ( Considering how much these cars cost, the insurance prices don't seem too bad!

Week Two's dream car is the 2007 Shelby GT-500 "Super Snake." Come on now, everyone at some point in his or her life has dreamed about a Shelby! I think I saw my first one in middle school and immediately thought, "That's what I'm going to drive when I can afford it!" Why do I want it? First of all, have you looked at it? It's gorgeous in every color. So let's see how much I need to save up and how much I'll be spending on insurance if I really do ever get this beautiful car! I found one for sale from a collector car site. Price? $110,000. Yikes! I'll be saving up for a while to afford that.

So what's the cost to insure this beauty? Let's check it out on the CoverHound platform.

Car insurance quote

Again I would like to go with something more than just basic coverage. Superior coverage looks good and it's only $166 per month. At that price I will get $100k/$300k bodily injury limits, $1,000 for medical payments, $50,000 for property damage, and $100/$300k limits for uninsured motorist. My collision deductible will be $500 and so will my comprehensive deductible, along with $75 a day for towing and labor.

This looks great! The insurance and the car where both cheaper this week then the car from last week, the Audi R8. I chose the same amount of coverage for both. Insurance coverage is an important aspect of car buying and is something that should definitely be looked at before you invest in your dream car! Check back next week for another adventure in my diary of dream cars (and their insurance costs)!

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