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15 Ways to Save More on Your Homeowners Insurance

Let’s face it, Homeowners Insurance can be confusing and expensive, and there are so many ways to save money only if you know where to look and what things to ask for.

Here are our Top 15 ways to help you to save on your Homeowners Insurance and lower your monthly payments!

1. Compare quotes from multiple leading carriers that specialize in home insurance coverage for the specific area you live in.

No carrier, large or small, can provide the best home insurance rates for all geographic regions of the U.S.

The best way to manage this process is to use a trusted independent insurance advisor that can easily compare rates from various carriers to give you the best insurance rates and options available.

2. Do you have an alarm system? If not, have one installed.

If you have the option of having an alarm system that alerts the police and fire departments directly, this will make you eligible for deeper discounts from most of the leading home insurance carriers.

3. Weatherproof your exterior.

Weatherproof the exterior of your home from high winds, excessive rain, or severe droughts to prevent small home insurance claims when bad weather strikes.

This includes trimming your trees and large brush that often cause damage to your home. Generally, bad weather strikes at least once a year in most regions of the U.S.

4. Replace any old or outdated roofing materials.

If your roof has not been replaced in the past 10 to 15 years, have it inspected to see if you could benefit from replacing or upgrading your roofing materials to newer materials that are fire, water and wind damage resistant.

Not only will this one time expense provide you with home insurance discounts and prevent numerous claims over time, it will also increase the value of your home.

5. Replace any old copper piping or old electric wiring that is considered outdated or out-of-code.

This will prevent any small or larger insurance claims that could drive up your home insurance costs for years to come.

Many insurers will provide a ‘new wiring’ discount on your home insurance.

This step also helps you protect your electronic devices and appliances from issues that can be caused by copper corrosion or ‘pitting corrosion’ which lead to pinhole water leaks that are not easily discovered until it’s too late.

6. Leverage new technologies!

Having the latest and greatest sensors for carbon monoxide, smoke, gas, water leaks or excessive moisture can qualify you for home insurance discounts and prevent future claims.

7. Go green.

If your home is Green certified (by LEED), it could qualify you for discounts — up to 5% more in savings.

8. Ask about new home/homeowner discounts.

Are you a new homeowner?

New homeowner discounts can be available for recently built or newly built homes; or homes that have been purchased in the past 12 months.

9. Is your community gated?

If so, you could qualify for additional discounts since insurers see this as a deterrent to thieves.

Plus, when buying a new home, selecting communities that are gated could provide savings every year you insure your home.

10. Have a small claim?

Sometimes you can save more money over time by making many small repairs or replacements yourself, without filing a claim with your home insurance carrier; however, you should still have a professional inspect or certify the work being done.

The increases to your insurance premiums over the first and second year alone may cost you more than any small repairs needed.

Also, not having any claims with many insurers will qualify you for a ‘no claims’ discount on your annual premiums.

11. Not a member of the HOA? It might not matter!

If your community has a Homeowners Association (HOA), it could qualify you for additional discounts, even if you’re not a member.

Consult a trusted insurance advisor to see which home insurance carriers this relates to.

12. Do you smoke?

If not, and no one in your home smokes, this could qualify you for a home insurance discount from many leading carriers.

13. Are you retired?

Some carriers offer home insurance discounts for homeowners that are retired, since the homeowner is home more often during the day.

14. Protect your credit.

Insurance companies use a report called an Insurance Score to qualify and price insurance shoppers.

The insurance score includes many pieces of data to calculate, but a major contributor is your consumer credit score.

Those with better credit will generally qualify with the insurance companies that offer the best premiums and will receive the most competitive pricing.

15. Bundle.

Last but not least, bundle your auto insurance policy or policies with your home insurance.

If you have more than one vehicle with your home insurance policy, this will qualify you for multi-policy discounts, which can save you 15% or more!

Remember, insuring your home can be incredibly expensive and you want to be sure to have the appropriate coverage for your home and family, but if you are smart about it and follow these simple tips, you can significantly lower your premiums while maintaining the levels of protection you desire.

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